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AYR white shirt-1 
Loose fit, longer length, with a nod to masculine style – that’s the shirt I like the most. Both elegant and easy. I love it for work – it’s great when you’re always on the run and have to get from one meeting to the next (and I really don’t want to make my work day about picking out my outfit and worrying about my top coming out of my skirt or trousers when I sit down), and I love it for leisure – you will never look under-dressed, not even when wearing sneakers. These AYR shirts are right up my alley. In fact, the entire AYR philosophy is something I subscribe to: “Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find.” Don’t we all know it? “We imagined a line of our favorite pieces, the things we would live in every day, all year round.” They started with the perfect pair of jeans and they are now creating some great essentials, classic pieces you can build your wardrobe around. And their direct-to-consumer selling is not something to ignore either.
AYR oversized black shirt

AYR denim shirt 
• My film recommendation this week: The Spirit of the Beehive (El espíritu de la colmena, 1973), directed by Víctor Erice. Ana (Anna Torent, who is superb in her role) and Isabel (Isabel Telleria) are two little girls, sisters, who live with their parents in a farm house in the Spanish countryside, what I love the most about the film, set soon after the Spanish Civil War, is that it is built around the imagination of the children, which can have such a powerful impact sometimes. It’s a very beautiful film, with a cinematography by Luis Cuadrado that helps blurry the frontier between reality and dream to a maximum effect.
• I always enjoy reading an interview with Tomas Maier: “Why does the product need to define a person as this or that? Let the product take on the personality of the wearer. It should be about the wearer, it shouldn’t be about the product. I should look at someone and not think about what you are wearing, which is actually perfectly the case when I look at you for example. It does not even come to my mind for a second and that’s how it should be.”
• Inside India Hicks’ library. I find all her interviews very interesting and entertaining. If you haven’t had the chance, you can also read the interview I had the honour to do with her last year.
• Terry O’Neill says that one of the photographers he admires (he only mentions two, the other one is Steven Meisel) is Sebastião Salgado. This book promises to showcase some of his most remarkable works.
• This is a Birkenstock sandals look that I might, might, consider wearing this summer.

photos: AYR

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