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In 2011 film and theater actor Hugh Jackman launched Laughing Man Worldwide, a company that uses 100% of profits to help those in need around the world, contributing to education, community development and new business development. He had the idea while he was doing charity work for the organization World Vision in Ethiopia. “I met a man who changed the way I looked at the world. As Dukale and I planted coffee trees together, I began to see the potential for one man’s hard work to transform an entire community… While working with Dukale that day, I was so inspired by what I learned from him and his community. I made Dukale a promise to do my bit to help. Laughing Man Worldwide is the fulfillment of that promise.”

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea was the first venture of the company, carrying a wide range of products made with crops from farms in Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, among others.

It’s an example for all of us, to participate in whatever way we can to look out for the person next to us. By simply buying something that has a mission you help make a difference, but there are so many other ways to help our community or the world we live in. All we need is a little initiative and the desire to change something.


• The New Film recommendation this week: another one by Terrence Malick: The New World (2005). There are two new worlds in this film, the one the English discover, and the one Pocahantos discovers. This is a new retelling of the story, which may very well be the closest to reality. The scene where Pocahantos (Q’orianka Kilcher) and Smith (Colin Farrell) teach each other simple words in their languages, like sun, eyes, lips, is one of my favourite ones, because it is played with such a gentle, natural and honest feeling of discovery. As usual when it comes to Malick, this is again film poetry, you feel more than watch it, with nature playing, once more, an important part.
• Jane Fonda finds peace and inspiration at her New Mexico ranch, surrounded by vivid Navajo rugs, rustic antiques, and soulful Spanish Colonial artifacts. How beautiful is that first image?
• A tête-à-tête with House of Cards star, the amazing Robin Wright (hear, hear on changing her wardrobe drastically when she cut her hair short).
• And speaking of which, here is an interesting interview with Kevin Spacey, as well. Only the fact that he exchanged handwritten letters with Katharine Hepburn should make you curious.
• The kind of party I would love to go to: a romantic wine country wedding.
• Have you ever met a Bon Vivant? Discover his beautiful story.
• Florist Rambert Rigaud’s guide to buying flowers.

photo: Laughing Man | video: World Vision

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