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Here are my latest finds and news from style, fashion, film and beautiful living.

Something lovely to get you started for the weekend: Giorgio Armani’s Frames of Life film. “In every frame of our lives, there are so many stories meeting, crossing and interweaving.” It’s up to you to make the best of each one of them.

• Are you familiar with the Citizens of Humanity Just Like You campaign? A series of videos documenting a select group of creative people from a diverse range of interests, like ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, costume designer Colleen Atwood, chef Helene Darroze and others, with the aim to inspire people to pursue their dreams, support others, and remind us that we all are citizens of humanity. Beautiful!
• The Motorcycle Diaries, based on the journals of both Alberto Granado and Ernesto Guevara, the man who would later become Che Guevara, the film follows the 1952 journey across South America of the two, a journey of self-discovery, tracing the origins of a revolutionary heart. It’s worth watching.
• Dreaming of this Donna Karan white dress to wear with my hair styled like this on warm summer evenings
Edun limited edition t-shirts with a photograph of the iconic African elephant shot by Ryan McGinley to help WILDAID: love the t-shirts and the initiative
• To make: spring vegetable tacos

Have a great weekend!

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