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Here are my latest finds and news from style, fashion, film, photography and beautiful living.


Deciding on the next film feature. My desk usually looks something like this, and with notebooks and sketches to the other side of the laptop, when I’m working for my blog.

• Original Madman: a new documentary (click on trailer) about photographer Bert Stern: “There have basically been only two women that have interested me: Allegra Kent and Marilyn Monroe.”
• Finding new jewellery brands has become a favourite sport of mine: loving this Miansai Rose Gold Hook on Brown Leather bracelet
• Camille takes us on a culinary adventure through Chicago
• A modern home wrapped in ancient Tuscan stone: the Tuscany home of Elisabetta  Bruscolini, general manager of the National Film School in Italy, and Giancarlo Astrologo, former high-end fashion designer
• New favourite political drama series: House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. They both are superb in it and Robin’s wardrobe is of an impeccable style.

photo: by me

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