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Romy Schneider book 
Books, magazines, print and online publications for today. Romy Schneider has long been a favourite of mine, both in terms of beauty and personal style, both on screen and in real life. Lately I’ve been doing some research on her costumes in some of her films I want to write about (which always has me asking myself why there are so few proper books on the topic of Fashion in Film) and I am currently trying to track down this book, as it’s no longer available online.

• My blog posts about the costumes in Out of Africa and American Gigolo, mentioned in The New York Times, and The Guardian, respectively. Such a pleasure to be in their pages!
WWD magazine  
• There is no doubt in my mind that I will always prefer the printed word. It is a pity to see so many publications go out of print and resuming to the online versions alone – almost in each case, the online content of these magazines doesn’t raise up to the print editions (and too much space is wasted on posting completely useless, stupid things, like what Instagram accounts you should follow – no, thank you!) After 105 years, WWD magazine is turning the page, but not quite literally, becoming a weekly, instead of a daily newspaper (which I think is a smart choice, as long as they remain in print), while also putting more accent on the digital edition. The digital era is taking over, and although I do acknowledge its advantages (I run a blog after all), like actually knowing how many people read an article you write, when it comes to books (I can’t picture myself reading one on Kindle) and well established magazines, I remain old fashioned and prefer to turn the page instead of scrolling it down.

• And then there is, which is becoming an e-commerce site. Did we really need another online shopping destination? There are so many that do their job just fine. It seems that change is everywhere, but how good is it?

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