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Tara Pearce photography-Stephanie Somebody styling-Est Magazine

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Tara Pearce photography-Stephanie Somebody styling 
Here are my latest finds and news from fashion, film, photography and beautiful living.

• Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché, a documentary about the first female film director, who made her first film in 1896, at age 23, went on to direct, write or produce more than 1,000 films of all kinds and then was forgotten by the industry that she helped create (with most of her films lost or credited to others). This documentary, set to be released in 2015, is aiming to finally put Alice back into the history where she belongs. Robert Redford is the executive producer, Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs are the directors.

• Loving the new collection of blazers of one of my favourite brands.

• A good case for why we should give up public mourning on social media, and a good reasoning for choosing not to share with everyone out there personal news, like being pregnant.

• Anjelica Huston’s second volume of her autobiography, Watch Me, has just been released. Here is my review of part one.

• John Cleese has also just published his memoir, So, Anyway…: The Autobiography ( I always appreciate an autobiography not written by a ghostwriter, like in this case, too) and this interview with John Cleese about his book was an interesting read (it made me realise once again why I don’t put much price on the so called official reviews, whether of movies or books).

• Spiced Earl Grey milk tea, for all those cold evenings when it’s more appealing to stay in than to go out.

photos: Tara Pearce for Est Magazine | styling by Stephanie Somebody

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