M (1931)

by guestwriter

M is yet another masterpiece signed Fritz Lang. It is also his first “talkie” after the SF silent Frau im Mond (1929). Metaphorically speaking, M is a tune. The whistle that terrifies the very heart of the viewer. Considered by many critics the root of film noir together with La Chienne (1931) by Jean Renoir, the movie combines very strongly thriller elements with pictorial composition and court scenes. Peter Lorre is the mysterious killer that is hunted down by a complex team including gangsters, beggars and police squad. Because Peter Lorre wasn’t able to whistle, the tune that you hear on the soundtrack was hummed by Fritz Lang himself. Interviewed back in the ’40s to describe the film, he concluded: “I have tried to approach the murder imaginatively to show him (the killer) as a human being possessed of some demon that has driven him beyond the ordinary borderlines of human behaviour, and not the least part of whose tragedy is that by murder he never resolves his conflicts. ”

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