Living Your Style: Gaëlle Pelletier

Gaelle Pelletier 
Is it spring yet? No? Just me, dreaming? Because I am, I am dreaming of the day I will be able to wear proper clothes again… Which brings me to today’s topic.

Rarely does it happen these days that I come across somebody’s personal style that stops me in my tracks. But that’s exactly what happened recently. One of my dear readers (thank you, Alina!) flagged this incredible online destination, Ring the Belle, for me. It is about what I call true style stories, covering everything from dress, to home, work and cultural interests of everyone featured. Because style really is about your entire life and the way you live it.

Gaëlle Pelletier clearly stood out for me. A French who has lived in London, New York, Bali and Hong Kong, and is now calling Paris her home for three years. Gaëlle is an interior decorator and a mother of three. I will let you discover the rest of her universe here and highlight only her incredible sense of style in this blog post. I think it is important to say that I love it so much because I relate to it – I usually take this approach whenever I talk about style. I like to dress like that, too. Style is subjective. As Gaëlle stresses out, “someone who has a style is someone who has a personality. And it has nothing to do with a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ taste.”
Gaelle Pelletier 
If there is one look I always, always feel most comfortable in, it’s a knee-long military coat with skinny jeans and ankle boots. The white t-shirt – I’ve done my share of talk and wear of it, but when it is taken out of its natural habitat (I’m looking at you, jeans) and given new life in the company of a great A-line skirt and ankle boots with heels, it deserves another shout out. And, finally, I would even take on the challenge of wearing a floral dress – and I haven’t done that since high school, with lace-up military boots in the heat of summer, no less (oh, yes, I did, because it was the 90’s and I think that was the only trend I’ve ever followed). But if there is a timeless, grown-up way to wear a very feminine, floral dress, then Gaëlle certainly holds the secret to it.

Gaëlle Pelletier hates the social marker of recognizable and displayed brands. She doesn’t wear brand jewellery either, she doesn’t want to see where it comes from. Instead, she usually makes her own.

“The fact of having lived in Bali has really transformed me because it was a life where the brand and the appearance were not valued. The style was elsewhere. Fashion was all about forms, cuts and fabrics.”

I do believe we would be better off with fewer brands and more common sense. And just trust your style. We don’t need that much stuff, everything doesn’t have to be branded, and everything doesn’t have to be that fast.
Gaelle Pelletier

photos: Delphine Jouandeau for Ring the Belle

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