Journey to Italy (1954)

by guest writer

Journey to Italy (Viaggio in Italia) brings us to the end of a month dedicated to Roberto Rossellini. A middle age couple travels from Britain to Italy hoping to sell an inherited property near Naples. Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders play the Joyces. Their choice for the roles was not accidental, Ingrid being Rossellini’s wife at the time and George Sanders being out of his normal patterns and wanting to do this film with the already chosen female character. A portrayal of a disintegrating marriage, Journey to Italy finds Rossellini telling a story that comes closer to the subjects approached by Ingmar Bergman.

By the beginning of the early 1950s, the Neo-Realism had been left aside by its main propellants. For Rossellini this change meant taking the direction of the art house cinema, which remained his main niche until the end of his career. As Katherine and Alex Joyce arrive in the Italian landscape the couple’s troubles begin to be revealed. Rossellini uses the beautiful sights to emphasize in an original manner feelings of uncertainty, temptation and escape of the two main characters.

photo: still from the film; production credits

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