Introducing: Our “In A Lonely Place” Cuff

Our own design, this is my manifesto accessory, the one I wear every single day. I have written about my favourite noir, In A Lonely Place, time and again. And now I have made a piece of jewellery inspired by it.
In A Lonely Place Cuff - Classiq Shop 
“Inspired by the fascinating world of cinema and by the never-fading beauty of the tangible” reads our online shop manifesto. This In A Lonely Place cuff epitomises all that, but the beauty of it is that it transmits an even more universal message: in an increasingly more artificial and fast-living world, it was first and foremost designed as an invitation to slow down, look around, live in the moment and listen to your heart.

I have worn it every day since our jewellery designer handed it to me to try it on. I instantly became attached to it, not only because I find it beautiful in its simple design and powerful message, but because I literally forget having it on. And I am particularly proud about this detail. The exquisite finishing touches, the smooth silver ends, its lightness – these all work together to treat your skin so gently that you don’t even feel the cuff around your arm. It slides on and off easily, without hurting your arm or leaving marks, which was one of my biggest preoccupations when designing a brass bracelet, because, regardless of quality, they usually lack in this department. In the same regard, it’s kids-friendly. For almost three years, since I had my son, I haven’t been able to wear metallic bracelets because they can prove quite perilous when handling a baby or a toddler. Now, with our “In A Lonely Place” cuff, I can give my mama worries a rest, while being able to enjoy the liberty of wearing something that makes me, the woman, happy.
In A Lonely Place Cuff - Classiq Shop

And now, on to the important stuff: how can you style it? Naturally, you can wear it with a trench in a true noir and timeless style, but, really, it goes with any classic just as well. Quite honestly, I wear mine all the time with absolutely anything, and usually with the writing on the inside – it’s like a little secret which makes me smile every time I remember to stop and soak up the moment. You might not want to take it off either. One click away and it can be yours if you want it or you can gift it to someone dear.
photos: Classiq

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