Interview with Ceramist Anna Westerlund

Interview with Anna Westerlund

Anna Westerlund in her studio

Anna Westerlund Ceramics are a crafting comfort. They are artfully handmade and laced with love and mindfulness. They are imbued with a maker’s passion to create something truly unique. They are made to make you present. They are meant to bring and cultivate your appreciation for that special something that can make your daily life a little more beautiful. It is with great pleasure that I present you the beautiful art of Anna Westerlund and my interview with the artist herself.
Anna Westerlund Ceramics Anna Westerlund ceramics
Anna Westerlund Ceramics

Anna Westerlund Ceramics

Tailored Details collection / FW 2014

What was the galvanizing experience that led to the creation of Anna Westerlund Ceramics? Why ceramics?
First of all I knew since I was little that I would have my own business, meaning I did not imagine myself having a “normal office” job. Ceramics gives me the possibility to work in a more artistic way and in a more commercial/utalitarian way, and I do love both worlds.

Where did you learn your craft?
In an art school in Lisbon called ARCO, and then did some workshops in different places, including Tuscany in Italy, which was an amazing experience.

What is the best part of working with your hands?
The best part is that it doesn´t feel like work and it is very relaxing, time just flies.
Anna Westerlund Ceramics Anna Westerlund Ceramics

Watercolour collection / FW 2013

Who do you create for?
I create things I would like for myself, so if no one likes them at least I can keep them:-)

There is such a subtlety and delicateness about your ceramics, often sewn with beads and ribbons. What one can undoubtedly call works of art. Can you tell me a little more about your creative process?
Thank you. I create two collections each year; that helps me to organise all my ideas. I tend to write down new ideas all the time, so when I start a new collection I look at all the drawings, I select new colours, new fabrics, I choose a new place to shoot and all this helps me to create and choose the mood of the collection.

What is your daily source of inspiration? Is there anyone in particular you look up to?
I love to hear stories about successful women, that inspires me a lot. Each day I take time to look at pictures, to read, to go trough blogs even if it´s just for 10 minutes.
Anna Westerlund Ceramics Anna Westerlund Ceramics

Little Things collection / SS 2014

Describe Anna Westerlund Ceramics in three words:
Feminine, happy and delicate.

You have an international background, being half-Portuguese and half-Swedish and having had your share of travelling around the world as a model. How has this left a mark on your work?
It is funny because in Portugal people say my work looks Scandinavian and in Sweden they see the Portuguese side of it. I think I do mix both cultures in my work. Nothing is more inspiring than travelling, so I was very lucky to have this opportunity.
Anna Westerlund ceramicsAnna Westerlund ceramics

Little Things collection / SS 2014

Looking at your beautiful designs makes me think of them as an invitation for people who love to cook, eat, entertain and enjoy the little pleasures in life, and who, in order to do so, love to surround themselves with beautiful things on a daily basis. Is this something Anna Westerlund Ceramics is aiming to inspire?
This is really what I aim for! If I could make people a tiny bit more happy just because they can surround themselves with objects that are special, making their day more beautiful, that would make me so happy and fulfilled. I do believe that objects that are made with love can bring joy to daily life.

What has been the most rewarding part of your work so far?
Every time someone buys one of my pieces it is rewarding, it makes me feel happy. It is also very rewarding to see that my work is getting more and more international.

The best piece of advice you’ve been given:
Dreams don´t work unless you do.
Anna Westerlund ceramicsimage

Watercolour collection / FW 2013

One thing you can’t start your day without:
A cup of tea after a big hug of my kids.

Where would we find you when you’re not working in your studio?
As my husband and kids surf, we go a lot to the beach. When I am not working, with 4 kids my life is pretty much planned around them.

Your favourite thing to do in Lisbon and which you would miss if you lived anywhere else in the world:
Lisbon is perfect because it has a great vibe, you have perfect food, good sightseeings and busy cultural life, but it is also near to the beach. So it gives you the best of two different worlds. That is not so easy to find, and it has a light that is unique!

What makes you happy at the end of the day?
I am really thankful for what I have, I love my work, have a happy family, so I have a smile on my face all day long. I do enjoy the simple things in life, so just being around with my family at the end of the day sharing our experiences is the best!
Anna Westerlund ceramicsAnna Westerlund ceramics

Little Things collection / SS 2014

You can learn more about and keep up with Anna Westerlund’s work on Anna Westerlund Ceramics/Facebook/Instagram

photos: 1-courtesy of Anna Westerlund / collection photos: Sanda Pagaino

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