In the mood for green

It’s perfect for a fresh take on the new year. Green is a color I miss a lot during cold months, but this needn’t be so. Khaki and olive tones were one of the spotlights of this season’s collections, Burberry Prorsum and Marc by Marc Jacobs with their military references, while lighter shades of green found their way in the colorful patterns of sweater dresses, blanket coats and patchwork knit at Missoni. I still have to wait for spring to feel revigorated, but clothes have a way of protecting me from the less enjoyable elements of winter.

A simple sweater is transformed in a beautifully bejewelled fashion piece with sparkling embroideries on the shoulders like gold leaves, ornamental details meant to up-grade your style.

There was a touch of green in the  Louis Vuitton collection: the green sweater and the 50s style lime shade ample skirt. The excitement lies in the elegant shape. I found this image in the right of one of Cezanne’s paintings and I just love how easily can fashion be associated with everything that might inspire it.

The utilitarian elegance of military chic embodied here by Alexa Chung’s Burberry dress. Garance Doré’s illustration draws us to this season’s trend.

photos: 1&4, 2, 3, 5, 6

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