Hello, 2015! (& A Wonderful Gift)

Georgianna Lane photography 
Hello, everyone, and welcome to 2015! I hope you took the time over the holidays to get together with your families and real friends, and to enjoy a slower, lazy pace and the good things in your lives. I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year!

Just before the holidays, one of the photographers I have great admiration and esteem for, Georgianna Lane (she was also my guest here on Classiq), surprised me with the most wonderful gift, a black and white photograph from her and her photographer husband’s portfolio. It’s this one above, Young Boy with Soccer Ball, which happens to be one of my very favourites of their entire beautiful work. It is timeless; if I didn’t know when it was taken, I couldn’t place it in any particular decade. It also seems to carry the most inspiring message for a new year: looking ahead.

photo: Georgianna Lane Photography | Young Boy with Soccer Ball

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