Givenchy Teaches Us How: Sandals and Stockings

givenchy fall 2014-stockings and sandals
Could this really be done? Sandals and sheer stockings. Until not long ago, I considered it a definite faux pas. I was very quick to pass judgment on someone if I saw her don this styling. Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy has just convinced me that it can work. And how! And it just shows how your style and taste can evolve in time. Because it does look stylish, and elegant, with that right amount of edginess that only a confident, sensual, grown-up woman can pull off. I think the colours also help do the trick: delicate sandals in brown hues and fumé-coloured stockings are the perfect match. It is a nod to the ’40s, too, and it looked at its best when paired with printed chiffon dresses. I’m not saying it will work for everyone, but why not stray from the rules and see if it does?
givenchy fall 2014-stockings and sandals-1

photo: | Givenchy Fall/Winter 2014

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