Gingham fashion

When Brigitte Bardot wore her gingham bikini in Saint Tropez in 1955 and then the soft pink gingham dress to her wedding in 1959, the print evolved from innocently girlish to sensual and provocative. She pioneered the sexy gingham look, retaining its sweetness at the same time, in a sense appropriately defining her influential style.

As fashion has been experiencing a revival of the 50s and 60s lately, I’m thinking: dare I wear it? And if so, how can I play it cool and modern? When I’m in doubt I’ve learned that the best possible answer is to keep it simple: small checks, the classic black and white or pastel tones, strappy dress or shirt with white jeans or capri pants and flat pumps, Audrey-like. Gingham may not make your imagination race with possibilities, but isn’t it fresh and desirable enough for a summer update? Hope you had a lovely weekend and that you  have a wonderful first week of May.

The gingham dress designed by Barbara Hulanicki, the fashion illustrator and creator of Biba , one of London’s symbols in the 60s.

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