Flag in the Mist

by guest writer

Flag in the Mist 1965

Flag in the Mist (1965) is Yôji Yamada’s unusual thriller, not that commonly known to audiences worldwide. Adapted from a novel with the same name by Seicho Matsumoto, Kiri no hata develops as an essential viewing for any movie buff. The film appeals to everyone’s bitter judgement making a statement for decision makers when it comes to playing with somebody’s life without thinking about the consequences. Using the psychological factor to reach his purpose, the director successfully uses deconstruction as intended in philosophy. The movie seems to simply deny the presence of correctitude in any of its characters. All of them are simply questionable in their actions towards their counter parties. Only one individual, Rieko Yanagida, played by Chieko Baishô, seems to be entitled to have a real reason for revenge towards the lawyer who refused to take part in defending her brother for thin motifs as his client’s lack of money or his lack of time. Flag in the Mist is leaving an open question: Does revenge offer a meaning to life and, if so, does it lead to peace of mind?

photo: still from the film | credit: Shôchiku Eiga

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