Editorial: Just A Girl

Editorial - Just A Girl - Laurence Olivier Marilyn Monroe - Joe Eula 

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Joe Eula is a bit of an unsung hero of the 20th century fashion illustration. He had a sharp eye in capturing the essence of whatever he was drawing in simple and spare lines, without going into great detail. Considering his remarkable output, he is barely acknowledged in surveys alongside Eric, René Bouché, Tom Keogh, and Antonio Lopez. I tend to pay special attention to this kind of artists, because there are not few times when this demonstrates their devotion to an uncompromising vision, regardless of any kind of pressure or influence they may be subjected to, and we have become a little short of these values these days. He showed the same integrity and no-nonsense approach to all his famous friends and people, from artists, to musicians and actors, he worked with his entire life.

He did not give much importance to his encounter with Marilyn Monroe either. “To the best of my knowledge, no [other] fashion illustrator ever sat and drew Marilyn Monroe. It’s on a really torn piece of paper. It’s her and Olivier,” says David Downton in the book Joe Eula: Master of the Twentieth Century Fashion Illustration, by Cathy Horyn. Eula drew the actress in 1957, during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl in England. I think Marilyn liked being treated just like the girl next door for a change. Remember her in jeans?

photo: Joe Eula illustration of Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier

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