Discovering beautiful accessories: Roeckl

Hello everyone! It’s good to be back after having fully enjoyed my vacation in Berlin and its surroundings. It was so nice and interesting to travel around, to blend in the culture and exercise my German. I would like to thank my lovely blogger friends for their beautiful contribution on my blog while I was away; I know you loved their posts. And thank you for your wishes on my birthday, I could read them, but couldn’t possibly comment because of the poor internet connectivity.

Among the everyday sightseeing you can imagine that I squeezed in some shopping. One of the things I love about travelling is discovering local brands or at least new ones, like in the case of Roeckl. I have blogged about it before , but now I had the chance to try the quality of their fine leather products, with a tradition dating back in 1839, and feel the fabrics of their beautiful silk and cashmere print scarves, the best possible, and much cheaper, alternative to Hermès. I am now one happy owner (how I love sales!) of a gorgeous Roeckl floral scarf (this remains my favourite way of wearing this summer trend) and a pair of the softest leather gloves. Because, aren’t details everything?

Later today I’m guest posting at one of my favourite blogs, Captivated by image . I’m happy to fill in for Christel while she is on vacation. I hope she is having a fabulous time and I am sure she will surprise us with some beautiful photography from her trip, as she always does. (Update: Oops! I guess I am not on today at Christel’s, but I invite you to head over for another lovely guest post of my blogger friend LatteLisa ). Wishing you all a wonderful week!

photos: Roeckl spring-summer 2011 catalogue, edited and/or scanned by me. These images were sourced and edited specifically for Classiq. Please do not use them without linking back to this blog.

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