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Cynthia Gale-Elements Earth bangle

Cynthia Gale_Dharmachakra sterling bangle
The Dharmachakra “Wheel of Transformation” (top right photo – Dharmachakra Meditation bangle) is one of the oldest known Buddhist motifs in spiritual art, a significant symbol of the path to enlightenment and a meditative life. It’s spinning motion is a mystical metaphor for renewal and change and is used thematically in various designs and contemplative objects d’art.


Ever since I saw The Two Faces of January I’ve been fascinated with the idea of symbolic bracelets, inspired from art, culture, mythology. I don’t easily find exactly what I am looking for (I have since toured several antique stores and markets, as well as browsed quite a few online antique shops), but these Cynthia Gale bangles meet all my requirements. They are not only beautiful to look at and wear, but I imagine they feel special too, like you are carrying a little bit of world heritage with you.

Cynthia Gale designed her first jewellery collection after a modeling trip to Bali, in 1991, inspired by the craftsmanship of the local silversmiths and by the diverse culture of the place. Her designs’ influences have reached far beyond since – from the four elements and the unique Fossil Bambu agate, to the graphic emblems and traditional works of Japanese art, and 1960’s & 1970’s fashion and textile design patterns. As for the GeoMuseum collections, they are created in collaboration with leading art museums across the United States, and inspired by the museums’ architecture, permanent collections or incoming art exhibitions. You can learn more about the interesting story behind each jewellery line here.

Cynthia Gale-Kamon charm braceletCynthia Gale-Elements Wind bangle


Elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The cornerstones of all creation. Each element is associated with specific personality traits and emotions. Earth (top left photo – Earth bangle) is nurturing and stable, solid and firm, full of endurance and strength. Air (bottom right photo – Wind bangle) carries troubles out of sight and blows away strife, and carries positive thoughts to those who are far away.

photos and quotes: Cynthia Gale | 1-Elements Earth bangle | 2-Dharmachakra Meditation bangle | 3-Kamon Charm bracelet | 4-Elements Wind bangle

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