Classic American Style: Claiborne Swanson Frank

Claiborne Swanson Frank by Marko MacPherson


Today I’m starting a new series, titled Classic American Style. It’s something I’ve been thinking of for a while, as it’s a subject that’s been constantly finding a way to my blog. I think many of you know about my passion for everything Ralph Lauren by now, for classic American costume designers, and for a style that’s part preppy, part tomboy, part feminine with an inherited sense of ease and simplicity. This feature will focus on presenting American women of style and image makers, from past and present.

Just a look at these pictures of photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank and I knew who I wanted to start the series with. My affection for my fall uniform was reinforced: blazer, jeans and boots, topped off with a coat once the cold arrives. I don’t think I could ever get tired of this look that’s so practical and natural, yet elegant and pulled together. Claiborne embodies an easy, yet refined style, that speaks of a tradition of comfort, simple beauty and an authentic, modern day sensibility, and this is something quintessentially American.


Claiborne Swanson Frank by Marko MacPherson-1

Claiborne Swanson Frank by Marko MacPherson-2

Claiborne Swanson Frank by Garance Dore

Claiborne Swanson Frank by Marko MacPherson-3

Claiborne Swanson Frank by Marko MacPherson-4


PS: And speaking of American design, here is my latest installment for The Bag Edit. You’ll find some wonderful gift ideas for you and your loved ones for the holiday season that’s just around the corner.
photos: 1,2,3,5,6-Marko MacPherson for / 4-Garance Doré

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