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Today I have the pleasure to introduce to you María, interior designer and blogger of EclecChic, one of my favourite online stops, where she shares her passion for everything related to design and architecture. Her blog is the place where you’ll always find original content and eclecchic inspiration. Welcome, María!

classiq-chic files-maria-eclecchic-1{Chino & Friends sweatshirt, Met jeans, Fake London jacket, Zara necklace, LV bag, vintage Ray Ban sunglases, Opening Ceremony boots}

How would you describe your style? Eclectic with a touch of elegance and a masculine air. My daily outfits depend absolutely on the mood I’m in that day, so I can be influenced by Parisian, British, rock, lady, classic, minimalist style… and sometimes everything!

Who are your style models? As an icon I absolutely admire Mademoiselle Chanel. She buried the imposed corset and also the excessive decoration that women were expected to wear, without losing class and femininity. As current idols I like Natalia Vodianova, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung or Caroline de Maigret. I also find inspiration in other fashion blogs.

Your signature day outfit: jeans. I love to mix them with flats or high heels, a leather jacket or a classy coat.

Your signature evening outfit: I often wear black color contrasted with something gold and a touch of color, and heels.

Is there an item you don’t leave the house without? My zircon earrings. They were a gift from my mum and I love them because they are small and have a nice star shape. Also, I always wear a Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch, a special gift my boyfriend made me. I like watches. I always wear these two items, not to say that I go crazy for jewelry.

Your favourite wardrobe item. A Louis Vuitton limited edition bag designed by Stephen Prouse. It’s weightless and I use it any time of the year with dark or light colors. Its pop color makes my outfits funnier. I especially like to use it as a contrast with neutral colors. It’s just perfect. For this winter I go crazy for my Mauro Grifoni coat in a mottled dark color.

5 pieces a woman should have in her closet: a pair of trousers in neutral colour, a white/clear top, a cool pair of shoes that makes your total look special, a big shopping bag, and a personal accessory that makes you fell good (a brooch,…).

What is the most underrated piece in a woman’s wardrobe that should deserve more attention? Here there are some things I would put more attention into: 1/ The underwear. I often notice that many women don’t care about getting the right underwear to the dress they wear. 2/ The watch. It seems to be a piece that preoccupies more men than women. It isn’t necessary that it is expensive. If you haven’t got an appropiate one, then don’t wear it. 3/ Bed-time has nothing to do with comics or plush. Pyjamas in solid color will always be better than going with Hello Kitty to bed. And please, stuffed animals shouldn’t be used as slippers!

classiq-chic files-maria-eclecchic{Zara top, jacket and sunglasses, Sandro shorts, Burberry bag, Rebeca Sanver boots}

My quick Q&A:

Flats or heels? Flats. It’s just a matter of comfort. Although once a week I love to put on a pair of wonderful high heels.

Shoes or bags? Shoes.

The 20s, the 30s or…what is your favourite fashion decade? Why? Oh, hard to decide… I love the simple, but delicate lines of the 20’s, the glamour of the jewelry and shoulder pads in dresses and coats in the 40’s … I adore the 50’s. In that decade figures like Balenciaga created great designs. I associate the fashion of the 50’s and 60’s especially with film and architecture.

Neutrals, pop of colour or colour blocking? Neutrals with a touch of color.

Stripes, polka dots or florals? Stripes!

Above the knee, knee-length or mid-calf? Mid-calf. Suits me just fine.

Audrey or Marilyn? I like the simple elegance of Audrey.

The LBD or other colour? Other colour, but provided it isn’t too flashy.

Paris or Milan? I live close to Milan so my style is so influenced by the Italian trends. In Milan, wherever you go, fashion is in the air. In terms of haute couture, Paris is the capital.

An item you crave for this up-coming spring: A pair of Celine sunglasses in light brown.

A style quote you live by. “Only when you know who you are, you know what your style is”. I don’t know where I read something similar. And the well-known sentence “Less is more”.

Thank you for accepting my invitation, María. It was lovely having you over.

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