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On the Trails of 007

On the Trails of James Bond Issos beach Corfu

  This time last week I was still basking in the sun of Corfu island. I would be lying if I said that the fact that the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only was partly filmed there didn’t play … Read More

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Paris in Spring, with Georgianna Lane

Paris in spring by Georgianna Lane

  Spring and autumn are by far my favourite times of year for travelling as I think it’s easier to get a grip of the authentic life in the places you visit. And one of the cities said to be … Read More

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Classiq-Manufaktura Prague

  Online shopping is convenient, it usually comes at a better price, and I am the first one to admit that there are certain items I wouldn’t find or simply wouldn’t buy anywhere else, but the tangible experience of exploring … Read More

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Prague by Night

Classiq-Prague by Night

  We spent the last weekend in Prague. It was in fact a four-day trip, which turned out to be exactly as we had hoped: a lovely and relaxing getaway, set in a beautiful and historical place. It wasn’t our … Read More

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World Tour by Francisca Mattéoli

world tour by francisca matteoli-vintage hotel labels from the collection of gaston louis vuitton

There is a character in Billy Wilder’s movie Avanti!, Carlo Carlucci (played by Clive Revill), the manager of the hotel where the main action takes place. Carlucci is my favourite character in the film, although Jack Lemmon stars too, who … Read More

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