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Real Style for Real Men

True men

  I don’t know about you, but I notice less and less often real masculine looks on the street. They are becoming the exception. Like this man in the photograph. Ruggedly handsome, so simply dressed, yet so elegant. And although … Read More

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Worn Out

Atelier de l

  Today, once again, I turn to men’s style, and to trying to understand a little better another one of their approaches to a genuine personal style. How do you feel about aged leather gloves or jackets, well-worn jeans, a … Read More

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Let’s talk men’s style

I’ve always been inspired by men’s fashion. Effortless style comes more naturally for men, who, much more often than women, look more undone than uptight whatever they wear. And I think it’s because they perfectly understand the meaning of less … Read More

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Cary Grant: a celebration of style

“The movie star of movie stars who perfected charm and elegance with such ease that he fooled us all into thinking that we could do it, too, as if it was as simple as learning a card trick.” Cary Grant: A Celebration … Read More

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George Clooney: a classic

He just gets better looking with age. Just like Cary Grant. That’s the Cary Grant I love, the grey haired, the charming and detached, the better actor, the style icon. George Clooney has that quality that makes him be considered  the last of … Read More

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