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Leading Ladies: Gene Tierney

gene tierney by john rawlings- 1946

  Wouldn’t you say that this top photo looks like a classic Céline advertorial? It’s just so incredibly modern and timeless. And it’s from 1946.     Beauty, class and talent. Gene Tierney was one of the most beautiful actresses … Read More

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Style, class and wit: Joan Bennett

Joan Bennett 1938

  I’ve recently come across this photograph of Joan Bennett from 1938 and I was struck by its timelessness. I’ve seen many of Joan’s films and I loved her in all of them, her roles ranging from blonde ingenue in … Read More

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They don’t make stars like they used to

grace kelly new york

There is a reason why they were called stars. There was a time when movie stars were bigger than life. Their presence was so powerful, their films transcended the moment of their making, they were quintessentially glamorous, on-screen and off. … Read More

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robin wright by david roemer-evening standard

I mentioned last week that I have a new favourite TV series (which, by the way, doesn’t feel at all like television): House of Cards. I think Robin Wright makes the greatest role of her career in it. And I … Read More

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Lauren Hutton: ageless style

In a 1973 profile, Harper’s Bazaar observed: “Lauren is anything but a classical beauty. Her nose flies west, her mouth flies north, she can cross her left eye at will. She made herself beautiful by learning, watching, willing—not by surgically altering … Read More

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