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Farewell to autumn

It’s hard to say goodbye to this beautiful fall we’ve had and to fashion’s finest season. It’s no time like autumn to embrace a sartorial elegance and the bejewelled tones of berry lipstick and romanticise about Downton Abbey. It simply … Read More

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Preparing for a heartmade Christmas

It’s almost December. The most wonderful time of the year. What I like most about it is the weeks leading up to Christmas day and I try to get organised in time so that I can fully enjoy each day … Read More

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Autumn mist

You know that kind of day starting with a morning mist, which suddenly lifts up unveiling a glorious sunny day? That’s a perfect autumn day for me and the best way to enjoy it is comfortably attired in beautiful knitwear … Read More

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The great outdoors

Were all autumns like this one, sunny and mild, I don’t think I could get enough of this season. I’m signing off earlier this week to attend a very special event outside the city, so I’m wishing you a wonderful … Read More

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Celebrating Mondays + giveaway winner

Last week I heard something that marked me, not because it was a totally new thing to me, but because I had thought it myself without quite articulating it that way before. It went something like this: ‘If you look … Read More

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