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A priceless gift

escape hotel stories retreat and refuge in nature by francisca matteoli

I’ve travelled every day this week. Not physically, but mentally. Each evening, I could hardly wait to turn in so that I would be transported to different corners of the world by Francisca Mattéoli’s captivating stories. You see, after my … Read More

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The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25, Edition III

This, I simply love. Because I’m inspired by Style with capital S (which by no means resumes only to clothes, but should be deployed in all aspects of your life) and by men dressed well, still wearing hats and ties, … Read More

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Interview with Francisca Mattéoli

francisca -matteoli

Travel writer and author Francisca Mattéoli has created a world of her own, a world at the confluence of luxury, humanity, travel and the environment. Her fascinating work celebrates life, authenticity and nature. Francisca writes travel books and travel stories published by National … Read More

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Happy New Year!

I’ll be wearing a tuxedo tonight, so I find this beautiful editorial, a set up in the romantic spirit of the modern times, starring Shalom Harlow, the perfect fashion story for today. Just the right amount of whimsicality and burlesque for … Read More

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As Christmas and The New Year approach, along with all the excitement and joy, there is also a little sadness and a reflective mood taking over. Sadness because I can’t help thinking of my dear ones who are no longer … Read More

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