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Lovely hair style

I completely fell for this romantic loosely braided hair. So perfect for July days, for after work hours and weekend. I’m surely going to give it a try. Do you like changing your hair style, hair colour often? A favourite hair … Read More

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Delicate and bold

For a few days now, as summer is settling in, floral and vibrant red have been immersing in my thoughts. In a whirl of flowers and seductive details, the interior design photo came into the picture as a bonus: the richness of … Read More

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Glowing beauty

Hello, everyone! I hope you made the best of your weekend and you’re about to embrace a beautiful spring week. We’re celebrating Easter at the end of the week, so I’m imagining these days will fly by, as it always happens … Read More

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A soft approach

How beautifully blended are the colours in this first photo: the modernity and sobriety of black with the romance of dusty pink. Clean and soft, a graceful liaison. I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Any plans? I’ll do a lot of reading this … Read More

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Modern artistry

A painterly dress brings fashion to the art side. My inspiration today. A question of making associations between different forms of art, pastel colours, bohemian florals and the illusion of everlasting spring. images: 1-“The sheltering sky” editorial, Jessica Stam in Dolce & Gabbana dress, … Read More

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