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Pay It Forward with A Book

A conscious gift can be many different things. But there is nothing I love to give more than giving books to children. I believe that paying it forward with a book is what doing good is about. Read More

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Watch A Non-Christmas Christmas Movie This December

The Thin Man

  Note: This is a revised edition of the article that originally appeared in December 2016 on the site. I may have some favourite classic Christmas movies, but, truth be told, I have always preferred more non-traditional films this time … Read More

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The Gift of Books

The Gift of Books

  Ever since childhood, books have been my absolute favourite present to receive, for Christmas or for any other occasion. And it is incredible to see how my toddler son is starting to feel the same. The advent calendar is … Read More

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

  I am taking some time off to spend the holidays quietly with our families and friends. Wishing you a peaceful and merry Christmas in the company of your loved ones! photo: Flickr | Prague in winter

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Christmas Traditions

Classiq_Christmas Traditions

  In keeping with last year’s theme, when I asked some of my favourite artists and designers to share their most special holiday traditions, I’ve invited five blogger friends from four continents to talk about the traditions that recapture the … Read More

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