Beautiful Bucharest: Moir concept store

Concept store as well as art gallery, Moir, just as the name suggests, stands for something unique: a design for living, a concept taking shape at the confluence of art and lifestyle. Designed as a warm and welcoming place, a living-room with a special atmosphere, as the owners like to call it, Moir offers a range of personalized ideas of interior decorating for any kind of space, designer furniture and exhibitions of contemporary art. The mood inside is nothing short of inviting, friendly, modern and elegant.

Driven by passion, experience in the field of interior design, desire to bring something new and to diversify the ideas of interior decorating, but, above all, by the ever increasing interest of the Romanian public in beauty and in surrounding themselves by good taste, both at work and at home, Florina Moraru and Alexandra Irimescu, the two young and talented owners of Moir, seek to satisfy, educate and guide their clients’ aesthetic sense and their love for beauty.

Art and design exhibitions, conferences on different subjects, events presenting the latest news in interior decorating sometimes accompanied by live concerts, Moir is always ahead of its public’s demands and aspirations. It wants to make a complete lifestyle statement, trying to offer a complex aesthetic vision, along with pieces of furniture showcasing teas, porcelains, artworks and will soon approach other artistic areas as well, like fashion. Moir is fashioned by innovation, high quality, comfort, luxury, elegance, durability, prestige.

Current exhibition: Șetran/Leonte. Vladimir Șetran is a name of reference in Romanian design. Over an ongoing career that has spanned over 50 years, he has participated at various exhibitions in Romania and abroad, in Europe, the United States, South America and the Far East, his works ranging from graphics and design to painting. Marius Leonte is the unconventional Romanian sculptor who has left a distinctive mark on the Romanian contemporary art. The joint exhibition of the two artists is open until January 31st.

Moir Concept Store address: 64, Iancu de Hunedoara Blvd. You can also visit the website,

photos: courtesy of Moir.

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