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Today I continue the Beautiful Bucharest series with a wonderful concept store, a place that showcases a selection of authentic design and artistry, of one-of-a-kind objects carefully gathered from around the world. Come along to discover the story behind one of Bucharest’s best spots, Anda Roman Atelier.

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Anda Roman created her atelier-boutique because that’s how it was meant to be. She created  it  for herself, first of all. And I think this shows. You feel like you’re in somebody’s home here, her home, not like in a mere shop. And that’s exactly how it is designed, like a home, with living-room, dining-room, bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, studio, children’s rooms and attic. Every single room is brimming with inspiration and you don’t know what to take in first. This inspiration comes from trips, books, albums, websites and blogs, theater plays, museums of contemporary art and massages, says the owner. Yes, massages, an unexpected, but endless source of inspiration, that are like movies she has access to.

The store is located in an old house dating from the 1930s, which Anda restored, making small adjustments, like uncovering the skylights, so that it could meet her unique concept. “It was an exercise of sincerity, as if we were looking into the soul of the house”, she says. Anda’s ideas and collection of treasures found their home here.

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Anda herself is in charge with the selection of the objects and with the interior design. She sources the products from the trips around the world she takes and brings them to her store for others to find and take them home. She overjoys when she sees her customers happy in her atelier. She is very specific when she names the items she thoughtfully  collects and curates “instruments of communication”. Nothing is randomly chosen or displayed, they are all part of a whole: the variety of styles, textures, colours, fabrics, they all form a perfect balance. A perfect eclecticism that inspires a sense of freedom, which is what makes this such a wonderful place to be in.

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As you walk up the stairs, you are transported into an even more whimsical space where every nook and corner is full with adventure and has a story to tell. It looks depicted from a fairy tale: the children’s rooms and the open space stocked with wooden toys, oversized wooden mashrooms and rusted keys, a perfect blend of new and old, of modern pieces and products with an antique patina, a bridge between reality and dream. It certainly feels like you step into a different time and space.

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I left inspired, with the certainty that if everyone made their own contribution to the beauty of the little corner of the world they live in the way Anda Roman does, we would all live in a more beautiful world. This is the philosophy the atelier is rooted in and that’s what makes it so special.

A special thank you to the lovely team who walked me through the world of Anda Roman Atelier and to Anda herself for her wonderful contribution to this article.

Address: 42 Grigore Alexandrescu, Bucharest
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 11.00-19.00 / Saturday: 11.00-16.00

photos by me

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