Be aware. Not just wear

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you must know how much I love t-shirts. I can not imagine my wardrobe, or the modern woman’s wardrobe as a matter of fact, without them. The t-shirt is one of those understated things that accompany us throughout our lives. But finding the right one, or better yet, a statement one, that’s the difficult part.

Designer Alina Petcan does even more than that. Her “Be aware. Not just wear” t-shirt collection is a concept that aims to transmit an artistic message through fashion, making the wearer aware of the Romanian artistic values. The collection is an experiment of conscience and culture, that took shape out of Alina’s desire to make something different and from her passion for art and culture. The prints on the t-shirts are reproductions of famous Romanian paintings and my favourites are the two in the campaign, Nicolae Grigorescu’s Ciobănaşul cu turma de oi (Little shepherd with sheep) and Ștefan Luchian’s Anemone (Anemone Flowers). I like the campaign very much too, featuring actress Ana Ularu and photographed by Adrian Anechitoaie, it’s like a metaphor for individual identity.

The t-shirts can be purchased from the showroom on 33 Dimitrie Onciu Street, Bucharest, or by leaving a message on the Alina Petcan Facebook page or in the contact section on the site.

photos: Adrian Anechitoaie, “Be aware. Not just wear” campaign; courtesy of Alina Petcan

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