Bally: The Sweater Look

Bally Fall 2014 
This ivory cable-knit pullover look was all it took for me to take note of Bally’s autumn/winter line as one of the truly ready-to-wear collections of the season. A high quality basic piece stands on its own, but good styling is what will transcend relaxed dressing. A chunky turtleneck atop a shirt with its cuffs peaking from underneath the rolled up pullover sleeves, and tucked in a pencil skirt with pockets? Now that is instantly updated work wear – wouldn’t you rather want to be part of the artier crowd even if you work in a corporate environment?

Sweaters of all kinds make up for a large part of my winter wardrobe, but I do like to put a little extra effort into elevating them. For one, I don’t like the V-neck sweater-shirt combination, too obvious a choice. I believe it’s best for the skin to show from under a V-neck – an elegant woolen scarf (don’t wrap it around your neck, let it to hang loose instead) will keep you warm and look much more sophisticated. But a shirt with a cashmere turtleneck, with only its sleeves showing, now that is completely different. As for a round neck sweater, I am not saying no to matching it to a shirt, as the pairing renders a timeless, preppy appeal, but again, it helps if you allow yourself to play a little with the details. In short, this Bally campaign is worth paying attention to.
Bally Fall 2014 ad campaign-2

Bally Fall 2014 ad campaign-1

Bally Fall 2014 ad campaign-3

Bally Fall 2014 ad campaign

photos:, Bally Autumn/Winter 2014 / 2-5: Pinterest/Bally

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