Another snowy Monday morning

Not a very happy picture for someone who loves summer as much as I do and who only wants to see snow around Christmas time. It has been snowing constantly (with only a few pauses now and then) since the end of January and it seems that it’s going to be this way until the end of this month. It’s simply too much to bear, the frosty weather worsening things. I’m leaving you now, especially those of you who still get to think in terms of style and not layers upon layers these winter days, be inspired by a few NYFW street style looks. Any favourite collections so far? I have a couple I liked, but I’m anxiously waiting for a few more before I choose my favourites. I wish you a very good week and stay warm!

photos: 1-Citizen Couture, edited by me / 2-Tommy Ton forย / 3-7-Phil Oh forย

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