A Coffee in Berlin

A coffee in Berlin 
It’s one of those days when nothing seems to work. He, Niko, who has dropped out of law school and still has no purpose in life, can’t even have a cup of coffee, no matter how many times and how many places he tries, from various reasons, and his day goes by from one absurd interaction to another. Life is playing a messy trick on him, maybe trying to make him take action. I liked the subtle sense of humour in A Coffee in Berlin (2012), the debut feature of director Jan Ole Gerster, the way it effortlessly veers towards a more serious tone and then gets funny again, the natural performance of the leading actor, Tom Schilling, the black and white cinematography of a bustling urban Berlin. The film has a hint of Woody Allen movies (including the jazzy music), but I especially enjoyed the European touch.

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