Woven Leather and Unseasonable Black

Summer black


In our hot, hot summers it is best to stay away from wearing anything black. But I do wish it were a viable option more often, because I consider that an all-black look during the summer, besides the plus of going against the current, also evokes an aesthetic sensibility that elevates seasonal dressing. And I don’t exactly pinpoint why, but Emmanuelle Alt’s outfit above reminds me of the Californian style, which has always appealed to me. A modern minimalism that uses clean lines and refined silhouettes to achieve a laid back luxury synonymous with the Pacific West Coast. The rope belt helps, too.

But while black is an unseasonable colour, woven leather is an ideal fabric for accessories in summertime. It bears the unique quality of looking more durable while inspiring a relaxed elegance at the same time. Back in the eighties, my mother used to wear close-toed, ankle-strapped, high-heeled woven leather sandals a lot and I still see it as one of the best styles for summer. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same shoe size, otherwise there is nothing I would love to wear more right now, because I know that if she still had them (she gave them away at one point), they would be in an incredible good shape – a style rule that reminds us that style, both men’s and women’s, is not just about what you wear, but about how you take care of your wardrobe, too, and that we shouldn’t be afraid to replicate a garment or a look.

photos: 1-by me / 2-Style du monde

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