Woody Allen, a man of New York

by guestwriter

What makes us love Woody Allen? Is it his neurotic state of mind, constant battling against a possible disease he might have? Is it his uncertainty about his sexual life, his comic appearance or his wit that makes him unforgettable? Probably all of these and much more.

What impresses me the most is his way of modest living and fabulous creating spirit. Almost every year a new movie that continues to entertain us as he has magnificently done since 1969 with his debut film, ,,Take the Money and Run’’. He can be proud of a director career that spans over 40 years. New York, being his hometown, is one of  the main backgrounds in most of his famous films. Annie Hall, Manhattan, Broadway Danny Rose, Hannah and Her Sisters, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Celebrity,  Whatever Works are just a few titles that shouldn’t be missed out of  an impressive filmography including almost 40 movies. 

Manhattan Murder Mystery cu Orson Welles in fundal, in The Lady From Shanghai

Woody Allen’s genre is a bit different being a so-called focused director. He doesn’t make movies for the mass audiences and he doesn’t advertise his movies except for the moments when he goes to important film festivals such as Cannes and Venice. He is doing this only out of respect for the producers that invest in his work. In other words Mr. Allen is not a commercial director at all. It’s like this: either you like his movies or you don’t. 

Although his films contain lots of rich experiences like clever dialogue, mixed-up relationships (a bit describing his own life through his films) and impeccable scripts, you feel constrained sometimes of the restless fear of the ,,coming death’’ which haunts many of Woody’s characters. Even so, the subtle or even gruesome humour that comes out of various circumstances produces a pleasure not to be found elsewhere in modern cinema. As one can imagine, Woody is not the social striving kind of a person. He is an  inconspicuous man. The scripts to all his movies, which he never sees again after they are released, are written by himself which proves again the talent he has. His belief and love for New York is frequently shown throughout his art. His knowledge of cinema is tremendous and all his movies contain hints and images from his own favorite all time productions.  Another important characteristic of his films is the powerful influence of Ingmar Bergman upon his filmmaking. Drama or comedy, Bergman is a constant presence and many of Woody Allen’s movies are odes to this amazing director.

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