Who Wore Khakis

Carole Lombard - Gap campaign 
Legendary. Casual. Defiant. In 1993, Gap did one of their memorable campaigns, showing archival photographs of legendary actors, writers, musicians, artists, adventurers wearing their own khakis. I just came across these photos a couple of days ago and I found them worth revisiting. I would like to see more campaigns featuring contemporary people of style for a change (although I realise they don’t come that easily anymore), but in no-staged photo shoots, and instead shown in their own mediums, doing their own thing and being at ease and as natural as possible. Real style, which can so often be comprised of the most basic pieces, worn by real people. Individuality doesn’t need out of the ordinary clothes to perform.
Ernest Hemingway Gap Khakis campaign

Amelia Earhart Wore Khakis-Gap campaign

Salvador Dali Gap campaign

John Wayne Gap campaign

James Dean Wore Khakis-Gap campaign

Miles Davis Wore Khakis-Gap campaign

Arthur Miller Wore Khakis-Gap campaign

Steve McQueen Gap khakis Campaign

photos: Gap Khakis campaign

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