White t-shirt, blue jeans and high heels

It may be the simplest look you could possibly think of, but it’s one of the style staples of the women’s wardrobe. You may consider blue jeans and white tee as off-duty dressing, but dress them up with a pair of high heels and you take simplicity to a new height and get something as stylish as the little black dress. As summer is just a few days away, although by the weather outside you wouldn’t say, what better inspiration?

Believe it or not, whenever I have to attend an event I ask myself: could I wear blue jeans and heels? The white tee is in that case replaced by an elegant top, but when it comes to daily wear nothing can top it (not even the white shirt in terms of effortlessness). And I’m thinking of work-wear too, especially when you don’t have a dress-code you have to comply with. I might add a statement necklace if I wear classic pumps, but my favourite pairing is with fabulous shoes or sandals, maybe in copper, gold or silver accents (think Miu Miu in the first photo or Ralph Lauren in the fourth). Nothing can spell modern classic better than this. Fabulous Mary Jo Matsumoto in the first photo above is the perfect example. Her outfit was in fact the one which inspired this entire post.

photos: 1-courtesy of Mary Jo Matsumoto / 2-Acne / 3-The Sartorialist / 4-Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2010 collection, style.com

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