When Shirt and Pencil Skirt Work Paired Together

Carine Roitfeld-1 
Pencil skirts and shirts are a big part of my wardrobe, but I rarely wear them together, especially when I am on heels. There is nothing less original then that boardroom look. If I were to come up with a few tips in this regard, I would suggest taking a look at Carine Roitfeld’s style. She has developed a signature look of pencil skirts and silky collared shirts, usually made by Equipment, that look anything but office-ready. The shirt is always worn unfastened at the top buttons and if it’s delicate and feminine, it will be paired with a skirt that will bear some sort of utilitarian details and/or with flat sandals that will stray off feeling too put-together. And if the skirt is elegant and the shoes are high-heeled, a safari or military shirt will balance down the outfit with their casualness. But it’s really all the finishing touches and Carine’s innate sense of chic that are key. When it comes to undone attitude, unlike common opinion, I don’t think all French women are experts, but Carine in earnest is and she leads the way.
CarineCarine Roitfeld
photos: 1-The Cut / 2-The Fashion Directories / 3-A Love Is Blind

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