Welcoming spring

Yesterday I had the wonderful surprise to win Lisa’s Marie Antoinette inspired giveaway, consisting of a notebook, a bookmark and four gift tags, all the beautiful work of designer/illustrator Wendy Paula of Mulberry Muse. I couldn’t be happier, as this gives me the chance to dedicate this post to Lisa’s amazing photography. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, because I couldn’t have chosen more beautiful photos to welcome spring. When I think of LatteLisa, I always feel like adding: LatteLisa, the art of living beautifully. Because that’s what my wonderful blog friend inspires every day with every single post and every single photograph she takes. It’s this joie de vivre that she has the ability to feel, capture and transmit to you too daily and that is extraordinary.

I wish you all a fabulous spring!

PS: Lisa is also the author of the food blog kitchen & aroma, where you can find healthy recipes and lovely food styling

photos: LatteLisa

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