Vertigo (1958)

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Vertigo (1958) is considered by many film critics Hitchcock’s masterpiece. As from my personal point of view, it’s one of his many (the total number of films directed being 58). John “Scottie” Ferguson, James Stewart, is the main character, a retired police detective hired by a friend to follow his wife, Madeleine Elster (Kim Novak), to find out the cause of her strange behavior. She believes herself to be the reincarnation of Carlotta Valdez, whose life ended tragically and Madeleine believes she suffers from a psychological disorder, admitting she has suicidal tendencies. 

Scottie falls in love with the beautiful blonde, but history is destined to repeat itself and Madeleine succeeds in committing suicide, throwing herself off a church tower. Because of his fear of heights, Scottie is unable to save her. An amazing sequence of shots is used to create the vertigo feeling. The colours used by Hitch were specially chosen to emphasize Scottie’s fear. The action takes a sudden turn after the accident, Ferguson suffering a nervous breakdown. Returning after the break he takes from everything that has happened, he sees this woman, Judy Barton, who bears a remarkable resemblence to Madeleine. Scottie obsessively turns his love into this new Madeleine, only to find himself driven to an elaborated and devious plot.
ps: this is going to be a Hitchcock weekend, as there are too many of his films I wanted to share this month, so stay tuned tomorrow for more suspense:)

Ultimul film regizat de Hitchcock cu James Stewart a fost si un esec la boxoffice, care a dus, spun gurile rele, la instrainarea celor doi vechi colaboratori. Insa “Vertigo” a ajuns sa fie considerat cu timpul cel mai bun film al sau. Bogatia vizuala si la nivelul intrigii fac din “Vertigo” un noir deosebit pentru o perioada in care acest gen era ca si disparut. Scena deliranta care exprima anxietatea lui John “Scottie” Ferguson, James Stewart, este regizata mestral de Hitchcock, care foloseste culorile pentru redarea sentimentelor personajului principal.

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