Trench coat: the length

Wardrobe-wise, there is one item I inevitably associate spring with: the trench coat. It is also one of my favourite pieces in my closet. I have two, one in beige, the other one in black. However, my fashionable self has been coveting a new one. My only dilemma is: should I go for yet another knee-length one (it’s definitely my first choice, but I’ve been having trouble finding one that I love) or should I choose a new length (and silhouette) for a change, be it a short trench cape or a mid-thigh length trench, slightly A-shaped? These are two lovely interpretations that make it even harder to decide. Which one do you prefer?

Today I am a guest on Rachel’s wonderful blog, Little Bits of Lovely, sharing five lovely things I can’t live without. Rachel’s blog is an endless treat to all things beautiful and it is a real pleasure to be part of it.

photos: 1-9to5Chic / 2-Fash n Chips

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