I will be honest and admit that this post started from that first image. I loved it so much that I simply had to build up a post around it. The power a photography has, how it triggers our imagination, the stories it weaves in a matter of seconds. The bow in the hair, the gold jewelry, the warm background and the light in the photo made me think of the holiday season that is almost upon us. A season and a Burberry coat that will always have something in common: tradition. Because isn’t this what the holidays are about? Returning to traditions, to your roots, reuniting with your dear ones and finding strength to move forward. Just as the House of Burberry does: drawing inspiration from its century-old heritage, Christopher Bailey constantly reinvents its classic styles and makes the traditional British brand fashion-forward. After all, ‘Prorsum’ means forwards, doesn’t it?

photos: 1-Vogue Italia, via Kate Ryan /ย 2,3-Saipua /ย 4,

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