To Wear A Fur Hat?

Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2013

This comes as a surprise to me too, because there was a time, not long ago, when I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a fur (or faux fur) hat. I used to consider it too old-fashioned, or, better yet, too old-looking for me. But it’s been a recurrent thought in my mind now and I think Ralph Lauren is to blame for it. His romantic autumn-winter collection, with a Russian feel to it, coloured in black and white and bejeweled shades, shaped from luxurious, rich fabrics, and finished with glamorous gowns that looked even more grand styled with opulent chandelier earrings and especially with fur hats. Fur hats which, in Ralph’s hands, look so modern and chic โ€“ not an easy thing to do, and the very qualities that make all the difference .

But no matter how much I love these show looks, in reality things are completely different. However, even if now I wouldn’t even know what to wear it with (how well does it work with jeans?, should I even dare trying it with flats?, how elegant does my coat have to be?, is it suitable for any time of day?), I’ll hold on to this inspiration for that moment when I will feel confident enough to sport this fabulous accessory.
Ralph Lauren Fall 2013-Paris ShowRalph Lauren Fall 2013 Paris Show 1

photos: 1-Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2013, via (edited by me) / 2,3-Ann Street Studio | Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2013 Show in Paris

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