Three Days Of The Condor (1975)

Three days of the condor

by guest writer

Three Days of the Condor is set in the contemporary New York City and represents a landmark as one of the best political thrillers of its time. After the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal, which are felt in the movie’s background as distant voices, the US government still needs to induce the ever involving and scheming action against the Middle East. Of course the echo of Sydney Pollack’s film is also haunting the political class of the present US and one can see how this course was predicted way back 37 years ago.

Robert Redford plays a back-office employee of ,,the company”, code-name Condor, specialized in reading worldwide literature in order to capture what is written between the lines and discover possible plots. When a report is submitted to Washington by Condor, the situation gets out of control due to the nature of the discoveries mentioned there. A film focused on media’s effect upon the people and especially on politicians, Three Days Of The Condor uses powerful tools of persuasion and convinces the audience how dangerous a simple intuition might become. A tour de force from start to the open-to-interpretation end, the film is one of the few American movies of the ’70s preoccupied with the social impact of politics.

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