The White Shirt and Its Many Identities

The white shirt 
A crisp white shirt can say so many things without the wearer uttering a word. It’s that feeling of freedom that hugs you every time you put one on and let’s you be yourself, no matter how you choose to wear it. “Whatever you want it to be, the white shirt becomes.” Carolina Herrera

White shirt and jeans
Impeccable and close-fitting. An instant upgrade to the slouchiest pair of blue jeans, especially with a pop of colour in the mix and a classic trench when the weather calls for one.
Wearing the white shirt
A natural choice. The best friend, the easiest go-for, as a dress, on a hot summer day.
White shirt and black jeans
Feminine and delicate. A silhouette never, by all means, to be worn with elegant black trousers. Instead, a white shirt-distressed black skinny jeans/ black leather trousers look is the perfect balancing act.
Timeless white shirt
Feminine/masculine. I am reluctant in pairing a white shirt with a polished skirt, but I love it with a more casual one, like a denim or a utilitarian-like skirt. Relaxed elegance.
White shirt
Sumptuous and versatile. The way a structured, masculine-cut shirt sculpts the body, it works even with a pair of tracking pants. I am not saying the look works for everyone, but why not go for it if it does?

Timeless white shirt- Patti Hansen
Light and floating. If it’s linen and wrinkled, it speaks of a well lived life with your family.
photos: 1-Eton Shirts / 2-Jon Cardwell for The Art of the Trench / 3-Garance Doré/ 4,5-The Style Heroine/ 6-Zara / 7-Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US, featuring Patti Hansen

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