The thin line between fashion and interior design

Mixing fashion (particularly street style, as this is at least as fascinating as the catwalk and easier to relate to) and beautiful interiors is something I’ve always found captivating and it’s rapidly becoming a favourite kind of feature. Matching the main colours is merely the starting point, looking for details is what intrigues me the most. 

a braid in the hair-an intricacy on the ceiling, the bust gathering details on the dress-the three-shade lamp

a ring on the closet door-a lace tied on the ankle, a retro style dress-worn-out furnishings

the sparkling crystals in a chandelier-the glittery stripes in a skirt, the lacquered wood frame sofa-the soles of the shoes


photos: 1-Jean Marc Palisse interior photography via design traveller / 2-via Crush Cul de Sac tumblr / 3-Giovanna Battaglia, source unknown / 4-via interior living tumblr / 5-via Framing Spaces / 6-Garance Doré

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