The pink shirt

I’ve talked about the white shirt a couple of times, and I will continue to do so regularly, about the light blue shirt, and now it’s time to cover the soft pink shirt. THE classic colours when it comes to shirts. A simple photo can dream up an entire blog post. It’s often the case with me and this time it was this first photo of Shini. The pink shirt, but there are many details to think of. The palest shade of pink, that looks almost white in the sunlight. The sleeves: long, but worn rolled-up. The cut: classic, drawn from the men’s wardrobe, not too tight but not boyfriend-style either. The fabric: cotton.

I don’t own a plain pink shirt yet, but I have a pretty clear idea of how I would wear it.

• With jeans. Favourite option: blue jeans. I prefer to pair the look with heels, but it works with flats too, because the shirt is so classic and the outfit won’t appear too casual.
• With denim pencil skirt and probably flats, because I like the unexpected feel the matching of knee length and pencil shape with flats brings.
• With wide-legged trousers, but never with heels. Too office-like. I always stick to flats when it comes to tailored pants and shirts.
• With short pants and flats: because there is nothing that looks better for a summer weekend attire, especially our kind of summer.

How would you wear yours?

photos: 1,2-Park & Cube / 3-Garance Doré

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