The perfect place to be

For someone who hasn’t been to New York yet, The Big Apple is like a whole world waiting to be discovered, like a naked city, scary and beautiful. I have seen NY in hundreds of movies and pictures and I have come to love it before actually seeing it. I love film noir New York, Woody Allen’s New York, Carrie Bradshaw’s New York (couldn’t leave fashion out of it, could I?), I love New York seen through the eyes of my friends.

I’m thinking sometimes that I have postponed travelling to New York over and over again allowing myself to dream a little longer. But now I am seriously starting to plan my trip to the city that never sleeps and there’s no other place I’d rather stay at than Mandarin Oriental, New York . Because it has to be something amazing, never experienced before, up to my expectations of the city I’ve been longing to see for such a long time. It has to be a splendid, breathtaking view over Central Park, a dramatic panorama of bustling Broadway and Manhattan skyline, with perfect evenings started in the Lobby Lounge with an Asia Poire or Ginger Mojito, waiting for the sunset and for the lounge to become alive, looking out at the glimmering East Side lights and experience the buzz of New York nightlife. And the photos I would take from the top of the world to immortalize the emotions and feelings…trying to find the meaning of John Jay Chapman’s phrase “the present in New York is so powerful that the past is lost.” 

photos: courtesy of Mandarin Oriental, New York

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