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Think plaid shirt, checked poncho or blanket scarf, and the most likely association that springs to one’s mind is a look embedded in a rugged, country-bound connotation, with the great outdoors as backdrop. I love taking a piece of clothing out of its natural context, and, in this case, all that is required to make the autumn-tonal outerwear urban is making small, but game-changing adjustments to its usual, classic pairing with denim: bring in a preppy touch with a buttoned up denim shirt and swap the blue jeans for a pair of black ones to give it a smarter vibe. It’s one of the most elegant ways (one of the very few I embrace) to enable a colourful pattern to enter fall’s neutral wardrobe. Or to imbue a city dweller’s life with a sense of adventure, especially when you’ve just wrapped up another trip out of town and you want to hold on to that feeling of uninhibited freedom and replenished energy that only the open road, or the open air, the great out-there (where dirt paths are no stranger) can offer.

photo: We Are The Rhoads

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